We have set up this website as a forum for people who share our interest in the social qualities of life itself and of the life we each live. Our initial hope it that you will find it interesting and useful, but our main hope is that you will be moved to join in the dialogue, by leaving comments and suggestions.

For many years, we have worked together in university departments of sociology and anthropology, especially at UNSW. Teaching and researching and writing together, we have shared and developed our enthusiasms.

Our themes — relation, gift, charity, passion, pedagogy, belonging — have led us into dialogue with philosophy,
theologyy, ecology and psychology, but we have always felt constrained by the demands of disciplinarity and academic publishing.

This website is our attempt to find a new way of writing and thinking. We hope it will be less defensive, more alive, more real. And we hope you will join us in developing its potential.

The main page of the website can be found here.

Thanks for your interest,

Ann                                                 Andrew                                           Demelza

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