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On this page we list some resources from our research on Learning and Teaching issues. We have been especially interested in the pedagogical importance of love, passion, vocation, dialogue and authority.



This book is available from Melbourne University Publishing.






This book is available from The Federation Press.



Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, The Teacher’s Enthusiasm (published in The Australian Educational Researcher, 2006, 33(3): 91-106)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game Becoming Who You Are: The Time of Education (published in Time and Society, 2007, 16(1): 43-59)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, Significance and Dialogue in Teaching and Learning (published in Educational Theory, 2008, 58(3): 343-356)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, Potential Space And Love (published in Emotion, Space and Society,  2008, 1(1): 18-21)

Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe  Teacher’s Vocation: Ontology of Response  (published in Studies in Philosophy and Education, 2008, 27(6): 461-73)

Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe Dialogue and Team Teaching (published in Higher Education Research and Development Journal, 2009, 28(1): 45-57)

Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe, Presence of the Gift (published in Cultural Studies Review, 2010, 16(1): 1-23)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, Learning as Devotional Practice: The Role of the Teacher (published in C. Day (ed), 2011, Routledge International Handbook on Teacher and School Development, Routledge, London)

Andrew Metcalfe, Sociology as a Vocation (published in Journal of Sociology, 2013, 49(4): 531-44)

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