Everyday mysteries

On this page we will list publications that are concerned with the remarkable but often unnoticed qualities of the everyday. We have a longstanding interest in the nature of presence, and, in one way of another, most of these books and articles are been concerned with this issue.



This book is available from The Federation Press.



Andrew Metcalfe, Inspiration (published in Canadian Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 1999, 36: 217-240)

Ann Game, Falling (published in The Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, 2000, 1(3))

Andrew Metcalfe, Wonder, Creativity and Knowledge (published in The Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory, 2000, 1(3))

Andrew Metcalfe, Meeting (published in Space and Culture, 2000, 8: 184-197 )

Andrew Metcalfe, Middle Age (published in UTS Review, 2000, 6 (1): 150-164)

Andrew Metcalfe, Lucinda Ferguson, Half Opened Being (published in J. May and N.Thrift (ed), 2001, Timespace, Routledge, London)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, Everyday Presences (published in Cultural Studies, 2004, 18(2-3): 350-362 )

Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe, Significance of Signs (published in Social Semiotics, 2008, 18(4): 493-502)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, Creative Practice: The Time of Grace (published in Time and Society, 2010, 19(2): 165-179)

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, ‘In the beginning is relation’: Martin Buber’s Alternative to Binary Oppositions (published in Sophia, 2011: 1-13; doi: 10.1007/s11841-011-0278-9)


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