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This page lists a selection of our other books and articles. They often focus on subjectivity, creativity, meeting, belonging, desire, love and gift. This is where our more theoretical articles are filed, mostly.



Cover_Social Relation Book

What is a Social Relation? is available from Australian Scholarly Publishing.


Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe, Collaboration (published in Literature and Theology, 2000, 14(3): 261-275 )

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game,  Meetings: Gifts Without Exchange (published in European Journal of Cultural Studies, 2008, 11(1): 101-117 )

Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game, From the De-centred Subject to Relationality (published in Subjectivity, 2008, 23: 188-205)

Ann Game, Andrew Metcalfe, Belonging: From Identity Logic to Relational Logic (published in Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 2011, 25(3): 347-357)

Ann Game, Demelza Marlin, Andrew Metcalfe, How to Understand Custodial Belonging (published in Cultural Studies Review, 2013, 19(2): 175-92)

Andrew Metcalfe, Who Am I Interviewing? (published in International Journal of Social Science Studies, 2013, 1(2): 44-54)

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