A Day of Sun

Everyone had something to say about it. The sun had appeared, it felt like spring today. This, after days of extremely cold weather, winds, rain. Anghiari has not had the extreme weather that has hit much of Italy, because it is sheltered by the surrounding foothills of the Apennines. However, people say they have never experienced weather like this before in May. And, they have been unable to do the spring planting in their kitchen gardens.20190516_120307_resized

The day began with an interview, which, in due course, will appear on the blog. It was with Andrea Calli, who, with his brother, Giulio, is continuing a family tradition of the art of woodwork restoration. He showed me their workshop, where they use traditional techniques and materials, such as the yellow Siena earth in this picture. Andrea confirms that it is difficult these days working in this field, but he is committed to it. It is quite simply who he is.20190516_095649_resized

After that inspiring start to the day, I went out into the hills for a walk. It was glorious. With the sun, the greenness of spring was wonderful. Folds of hills with shades of green, and fields of broad beans and poppies and bees. It turned out to be a walk I hadn’t done before, with a mix of farms, with chickens, olive trees, vines, and forest. And, after walking for some time, I came upon a couple of men cutting wood. They were making neat stacks of exactly the same size. I asked them what it was used for. These piles, they said, laughing, are for pizzas.


Late in the afternoon, my friend Daniele (whom I have also interviewed), turned up with some carefully wrapped fresh eggs. I’ve had a couple, with asparagus, for dinner.

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