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We returned from a walk in the hills yesterday with bunches of little flowers picked from bedside the path. Every day more flowers are coming out, and, a few days ago, as I walked along the ridge from Anghiari to Il Carmine, I noticed that bright white patches had appeared amongst the brown of oaks and chestnuts in the distant hills. Blossom, I realized! But perhaps even more noticeable is the appearance of flowers throughout the town.

garden 9

Suddenly, it seems, there are bright pots on doorsteps, in window sills, in every corner of the mediaeval part of town. Actually, I realize that there are now pots of flowers everywhere – outside restaurants, bars, farm houses…. It’s just that they are more immediately noticeable in the darker part of town. What a spring welcome!garden2

Over the past few weeks, the tutto shop, a couple of doors down, has been getting in lots of herbs and vegetables for kitchen gardens. Now, there are more and more flowers outside the shop, and, on the other side of the road, they have a whole

range of different geraniums.garden3


There are not many gardens in the centre of town, but a couple of friends are fortunate enough to have one. What a different space this is from the garden I visited when last here, in winter. A garden coming to life. And, when we visited yesterday afternoon, I could see a difference from just a couple of weeks ago – more and more plants are flowering. With wonderful little surprises.garden5



PS We have just returned from the caffé garibaldi. When we went to pay for our coffees, we discovered that they had already been paid for, by two of the women with whom we share daily greetings, in the street, in the piazza.


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