Farewells in Anghiari


I am leaving Anghiari on Friday, and the farewells have begun. They are as warm as the welcomes. Tomorrow I will do my morning round of the town and, in the evening, have a meal with friends. I am leaving with a sense of strong connections.20190529_182315_resized


It is evening and I have just returned from a walk around the old town. For days it has been overcast,with heavy rain and storms at times. I was packing, sorting out things for my departure, and then I noticed that the sun had come out. I stopped what I was doing and headed out.20190529_182252_resized

It happened to be passeggiata time, and I ran into friends. I don’t know why, but I just found myself walking through the old town, drawn, maybe, by the peacefulness of it. If I hadn’t gone out at that time and gone there, I would have missed these wonderful moments of sun through clouds, and the greens of spring across the Tiber valley.  And, I happened to pass a surviving artisan’s workshop, one of chairmaking. (As I write this, it is raining again!)


I stood on the walls, soaking in that amazing view over the valley. Till the next time.



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